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Whether for family fun or family emergency, your patients are cared for and your office is producing income while you are living your life!  

Chiropractic Coverage | Short Term Chiropractor| Temporary Chiropractor

Scheduled Coverage.

You can take a half day (< 5 hours), full day (> 5 hours), single or multiple weeks, temporary or semi-permanent coverage. Call for a quote for our reasonable rates.  We will work with you to find the best Chiropractor to meet your patient needs. 


Before your scheduled time off, we will meet for a one-hour office survey free of charge. At this time your substitute Doctor will meet you and your staff, review your patient protocols, familiarize themselves with your software and equipment, and any other activities that are unique to your office.

• All Doc For A Day doctors are fully insured

• Background checks have been performed

• Licensure verified

Associate Alternatives.

Is your practice getting too busy for just one Doc? Would you like more than one day off a week? Have you had a bad experience when you have hired an associate in the past? Are you not sure if you have enough volume to cover the cost of a full time employee?

Call us to discuss a customized semi-permanent, long term coverage for 1-2 or 3 days a week.  

"Boooooom! With Doc For A Day, who needs an Associate?!" 

Dr. Daniel Bai, current client

Book to schedule your coverage today!

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