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We've got you covered.

White Sand and Stone

The Midwest's Finest Chiropractic Fill In Service

Doc For A Day...Serving the Midwest since 1998  

Are you looking for a coverage doctor or locum tenens?  Our professional team of coverage doctors fill in for doctors' when they need time off.

Our mission is to provide the same patient care and use the same techniques that you and your office utilize.  In other words, we follow your recipe. 

 To insure that you can R-E-L-A-X while you are gone, we offer:

  • Free initial office survey to review your office procedures and equipment - up to one hour.

  • All of our doctors have been out of school for a minimum of 3 years and are licensed, insured, and have had background checks performed.

  • We operate on a flat rate basis to be 100% compliant with fee-splitting laws.


Imagine — paid time off for your vacations, maternity leave coverage, paternity leave, surgery or illness. Your office continues to generate income while you are living your life. We also provide long-term contracts as an alternative to a permanent associate.

Give us a try! Call us at 847-367-9641 to set up your date with Doc For A Day!

Over 25 years of continual client satisfaction!

Doc for a Day has been an integral part of my practice for 16 years. The service provided is professional, reliable, compliant and very easy to work with. My staff and patients never have had an issue with the coverage. I have the freedom to have time off without closure and the service allows my entire staff to be productive and be present for patients when I’m not in the office. With Doc for a Day you never have to close or take a chance on unknown practitioners. Doc for a Day gives you time to live a normal life.

Mark J. Freund, DC, Lindenhurst, IL

"I'm writing to let you know how pleased I was with the office coverage provided by Doc For A Day!  I chose your service based on recommendations from other chiropractors.  


We met before the trip and reviewed the treatment of my patients.  After our meeting I felt very comfortable that they were in good hands.

Upon returning I asked my patients and staff how it went.   Specifically, I asked the patients if they would see you again the in the future.  The answer was an emphatic “Yes”!  My staff also said that things went smoothly and that the doctor did a great job.

I would not hesitate to use your firm again anytime I need office coverage.  It is great to have the office open when I am not there."

Dr. Robert Richart, Glenview, IL


"I have been using Doc For A Day for over 14 years and have had excellent experiences.  I have used DFD doctors and my patients have been very pleased with their adjustments and level of professionalism.   It is such a relief to the able to take a trip or even a mental health day, and know that my office is in the very best of hands!  I would never consider using any other service! 

 Dr. Kathy Putts, Libertyville, IL

"Boooom!  With Doc For A Day, who needs an Associate?!" 

Dr. Daniel Bai, Frankfurt, IL

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